gray small gray medium gray big

[button link="" title="gray small" style="small" colour="gray"]
[button link="" title="gray medium" style="medium" colour="gray"]
[button link="" title="gray big" style="big" colour="gray"]

green small green medium green big

[button link="" title="green small" style="small" colour="green"]
[button link="" title="green medium" style="medium" colour="green"]
[button link="" title="green big" style="big" colour="green"]

red small red medium red big

[button link="" title="red small" style="small" colour="red"]
[button link="" title="red medium" style="medium" colour="red"]
[button link="" title="red big" style="big" colour="red"]

orange small orange medium orange big

[button link="" title="orange small" style="small" colour="orange"]
[button link="" title="orange medium" style="medium" colour="orange"]
[button link="" title="orange big" style="big" colour="orange"]
Light blue

lightblue small lightblue medium lightblue big

[button link="" title="lightblue small" style="small" colour="lightblue"]
[button link="" title="lightblue medium" style="medium" colour="lightblue"]
[button link="" title="lightblue big" style="big" colour="lightblue"]
Dark blue

darkblue small darkblue medium darkblue big

[button link="" title="darkblue small" style="small" colour="darkblue"]
[button link="" title="darkblue medium" style="medium" colour="darkblue"]
[button link="" title="darkblue big" style="big" colour="darkblue"]
  • link – button link
  • title – button title
  • style – button size, available: small, medium, big
  • colour – link colour, available: gray, green, red, orange, lightblue, darkblue
  • target (optional) – link target, ex. “_blank”
Theme configurator

Configurator is just a demo version. The panel offer much more, including header image, change font-size and font-style. See what can the panel.


You can choose one of ready styles or set you own.


Header bg color

Content bg color

Footer bg color

Link color


Multiple fonts allows you to use all of those fonts in your page.

Text font

Headers font

Menu font